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Face to Face Interviewing

Reid Research ServersCentral Location

We conduct face to face interviews in:
  • Malls
  • Halls and conference rooms
Wherever we need to go!
They can be:
  • CAPI
  • On paper
  • Online
The topics are many and varied. Just as the technique can be – sensory, ad tests, product tests, in home placements…… whatever is needed.

Endorsements - Central Location

quote.gifYou’d always be our preferred choice anyway when it comes to phone and F2F. We like your work." 
Andrew Lewis - The Research Agency



Sensory_InterviewingCAPI, paper or online on all sorts of products. Interviewer administered or self-completion. Controlled conditions for consistency.

Endorsements - Sensory

quote.gifI think what Akansha has mentioned makes sense and her concern with ensuring everything that goes out is exactly equal, gives me a lot of confidence in her attention to detail." 
John Shaw - Hall & Partners/Open Mind

quote.gifOur client was very impressed and happy with the work Akansha and crew did on XXXXXX project."
Barbara Parker - Marketmetrics

quote.gifIt is always a pleasure to conduct sensory research with Reid Research. The team who manage the recruitment and fieldwork are very competent and knowing you can rely on the validity of the data produced is paramount." Sheryl Cook - MyKindaSENSORY 

quote.gifThe central location sensory test was on behalf of one of TNS’s largest global clients.  The client runs sensory tests worldwide to very exacting standards, with a strict protocol covering the transport, storage and serving of the product; as well as the interview method.  Reid understood this and executed the project perfectly.  The quality of the recruitment was high and the fieldwork was turned around within a very efficient time.  In addition, the Reid team was very professional and a pleasure to work with.  We would recommend you to anyone else in the industry. Patrick Brannigan - TNS New Zealand

quote.gifI had the opportunity to observe project XXXX in action on Saturday afternoon. I had never seen an online sensory job in action before. I was very impressed at the “well-oiled machine”. It was great to see everyone playing their part in the processes and working together to create a seamless operation, from out front with the respondents, to the kitchen area out the back. Great work everyone involved, well done."
Vanessa - One of our own staff

Face to Face by Appointment

Face_to_Face_InterviewingCompleted in homes or at places of work.  Conducted on paper or CAPI or online. 

  • Central and local government
  • Public sector
  • Academia
  • Commercial companies

Face_to_Face_InterviewingThe biggest single project we have completed, was to complete the fieldwork for N=10,300 CAPI Face to Face interviews with pregnant mothers and their partners - 1.5 hours duration – Stage 1 of The Growing Up in NZ Study. Conducted for Auckland Uniservices on behalf of the Ministry of Social Development

Endorsements - Face to Face

quote.gifPlease say a big thank you to Reid from us - they have indeed done a great job. The response rates they achieved were absolutely fantastic."
Sue Walker - SPARC - Sport New Zealand



Intercept_InterviewingThese can be conducted as Exit, or In Store interviews, or as mall or street intercepts.  Normally done on paper, but they can be conducted using CAPI.

Endorsements - Intercept

quote.gifIn understanding shoppers at the moment of purchase we rely on high quality intercept interviews. The team at Reid Research have always met these needs, sharing their knowledge during the setup phase to ensure smooth running projects, while their field team consistently deliver great results, on time and on budget."
Mark Vincett - Insight Engine

quote.gifQuotas look very good and the interviewing looked very professional, calm and organised when I looked in.  Please thank the team for me."
David Glover - Gravitas

quote.gifYou guys have done a fantastic job!"
Arturo Cabaron Jnr.- NZ Homescan Operations Nielsen

I just wanted to say thanks too for your great project management.  You have kept me up to date with progress throughout the fieldwork, and checked with us before making any “executive decisions.”  This has made everything a lot easier from our end, and helped to make our recruitment a lot more efficient.  Looking forward to working with you again soon." 
Tania  - Gravitas

Door to Door

Door_to_Door_InterviewingAd hoc or continuous tracking surveys.  We can conduct these on a fully national sample frame or area specific, dependent upon the needs of the survey. CAPI or paper. 
  • Since 2007 we have been completing a national on-going tracking study, door to door – N=5000+ per annum. 
  • Fieldwork for the Health of the Maori Language, completed in 2006 and 2007.  N=3500+ fully national survey with respondents of Maori ethnicity conducted for Research New Zealand on behalf of Te Puni Kokiri, MSD and other stakeholders

Endorsements – Door to Door

quote.gifWe’ve been delighted with your work on XXXXX and would like to work much more closely with you in the future." 
Stuart Jamieson - Nielsen Media

quote.gifThank you for the excellent work done throughout the year. I appreciate all the hard work and efforts you’ve put in and as always you have delivered good results. Pauline: Great Work in ensuring that fieldwork went off smoothly, and taking prompt actions, keeping me updated. Michelle: As always you have ensured that we did not face any problems. Excellent work."
Shailesh Shetty - Nielsen Media

quote.gifPlease pass on my sincere thanks to all the team at Reid you have all been delightful to work with and I look forward to working with the team again next year."
Stuart Jamieson - Nielsen Media

quote.gifNgaire developed what was arguably the best interviewing resource in the country and set industry standards, which other companies struggled to emulate."
Emanuel Kalafatelis Director, Business Research Centre

Mystery Shopping

mystery_shoppingBy phone or in person.  We go to great lengths to ensure that our cover isn’t blown.

Endorsements – Mystery Shopping

quote.gifJust to let you know that I’m really happy with the service received from you guys!"
Brendon Smith - The Research Agency


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