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Reid Research Philosophy


Being a truly independent field company, we at Reid Research Services offer our clients the advantage of dealing with an absolutely unbiased partner. Our commitment to professional ethics ensures objectivity and confidentiality of all client and respondent information.


We work to the highest standards in every aspect of our work, from the initial brief to delivering data. Standards are ensured through quality systems 'built-in' throughout all stages of every assignment, rather than being 'inspected in'.



Face-to-face interviewers receive a minimum of 6 hours of general training in methodology, industry background, interviewing and communication skills prior to going into the field. Telephone interviewers' initial training is a minimum of 5 hours. Retraining is done on an ongoing basis, built into every briefing and debriefing session, as well as through individual sessions dependent on each interviewer's personal needs.

Briefing and Debriefing

While training aims at improving general skills and understanding, briefing and debriefing are specific to, and vary with, every assignment. Each survey is preceded by a comprehensive briefing before any actual interviews are conducted. Upon completion of their quota, every interviewer is debriefed and their questionnaires are checked in detail. Errors or omissions that do occur are detected early and rectified immediately.


Ten percent of all completed interviews are checked by phone. A further thirty percent of all face-to-face interviews are checked by mail.


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