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Fieldwork Services

Reid Research Services is a one-stop shop offering a comprehensive service from brief to execution.

Fieldwork Services, Reid ResearchWe provide to all our clients the benefit of our years of conducting fieldwork, by proofing the technicalities of the questionnaire, ensuring respondent-friendly wording, advising on methodological issues, pretesting and piloting, etc.

  • Advice on methodology
  • Assistance with questionnaire design
  • Question testing - This is a critical stage in developing some questions, particularly those of a sensitive or confidential nature.  We use the Belson technique to fine-tune the wording, so the question is “heard” and answered as it was intended.
  • Pre-testing/piloting
  • Detailed briefing and debriefing of field staff
  • Handling survey queries/liaising with the client when necessary
  • Monitoring survey progress
  • Maximising response rates
Fieldwork Service, Reid ResearchIn-house resources are available for:
  • Editing and coding
  • Data entry
  • Thorough checking of data
  • Tabulations
  • Photocopying questionnaires


p_1.gif +64 9 815 0320

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