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We have been conducting the Political Polling for TV3/Newshub from 2009.  Our quality standards are open to the ultimate scrutiny!


Political Poll


Collection Method

Both CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) and Online methods were used to collect data.

Note:  Online included since March 2017

Target Population

Eligible New Zealand voters 18+ years

Sample Size

n=1000 – 700 were interviewed by phone and 300 Online

Sampling Technique

Telephone Interviews. Random generation of telephone numbers.  Unless a contact refuses to participate multiple calls are  made to each phone number over different days, before number is substituted

Online Interviews. Respondents were sourced from one of several Online Research Companies’ Panels which comply with the ESOMAR guidelines for online research.

Quota sampling and weighting to ensure representative cross section by age, gender and geography

Sample Coverage

National including rural, secondary urban and main urban areas.


To correct for non-response in any of the quota sampling variables, the data have been weighted based on Statistics New Zealand’s population counts.

Sample Error

Maximum of 3.1% expressed at a 95% confidence level 


See the results below:

2020 May Party Vote-718

2020 May Party Vote Top4-19

2020 May Leaders Net Score

Preferred Prime Minister



quote.gifGood news...3 News maintains its track record as the number one news poll!   Apart from our decision to go for a bigger sample size, and to conduct fieldwork closer to the election date I think this is a great endorsement of the quality and professionalism of Ngaire Reid and her top team of interviewers...it’s a great start to this new relationship."
Murray Campbell FMRSNZ - Baseline Consultancy

quote.gifFrom me too, thank you for your efforts. You are spot on - and I mentioned that on Sunday night on The TV3 News.
Keep up the good work."
Duncan Garner - TV3



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